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Taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all

As the kingdom's chief fencing master, taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all. Whenever possible, he will always be wrapped in body armor, no matter as his enemy or friend, you can see just a flash of his sharp eyes, just by holding the sword with both hands together, he will have to defend belief in the kingdom, in front of him, did not dare to underestimate an opponent determined armor lurking beneath.

Even the new version, the great swordsman is still afraid of the human person, let no one-third of a strong human shields. A qualified human shields usually have the value of life is high, strong defense, or with reducing injuries, obviously great swordsman very qualified immunity and reduce injury to put in front of the magic is the most obvious advantage, which increases the success of runes did not.

Jian Shen. Listen to know the name of God in general skills, a substantial increase in the upper limit of life, the value of existing life and attack, while access to magic immunity and reduce the effects of injuries sustained two rounds. This is the amount of information on the big skills, plus the maximum life and value of life plus restore some offensive power, and then set a magic immune, and finally there is a reduction in injuries, the big move with the skills of three, four skills, increase the upper limit of the life and block Value is simply a model of rough skin and flesh.

Sword wielding. Every time there is the probability of normal attack damage on the enemy front and there is a probability to stun enemies Annihilation although playing out of harm is not very high, but such a meat T, horizontal play also with control, real rare genus. And there is the property plus Rune attacks, together, damage is seen touched upon.

Perseverance. Tenacity gives strong vitality

Tianwei holy armor. Light has the blessing of battle armor that can block attacks and protect the owner.

Great Swordsman carry resistant properties, with the lamp plus mermaid, can form a dual milk flows through the trials necessary lineup; and high attack hero composed crit flow also a good choice, such as vigil, King Kong, magicians, demons hunter and more.


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