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League of Angles Free

Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!

Web Browser Games from Amzgame

With the development of the world wide web, there are very many sophisticated browsers to match. AMZGAME has created browser games that use the web browser. Our web browser games do not require special consoles. They are computer games played over the internet using a browser. Our browser games are supported by all the major browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari


The games in AMZGAME are all from various video game genres including action games and fighting games. Being portable, AMZGAME can be played on many devices, operating systems and web browsers. Our games are League of angels with Knight’s fable and Ice Fire Land being launched in October 2014. They are free massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). All you need to play is a computer, the internet, a web browser and a credit card. These role playing video games allow you to assume a character and interact with multiple players in the virtual world.


League of angels (LoA) is a role playing game based on legendary mythology. As the name suggests the avatars are powerful angels who accompany you to battle. There are several angels such as Lorelai, Marina and Lunaria just to mention a few. Once you have signed up for an Amzgame account, you can play and then create your character after completing the first mission. An account also gives you access to all games on GTArcade.com. Character progression is ensured when characters participate in games and complete quests that earn you gold. VIPs level gives you access to 500000 gold. Logging daily and spending diamonds increase your VIP level. Training upgrades your hero's statistics and makes them stronger. To find out about the current promotions on game resources, visit our website-AMZGAME.com


Platform logo and policy


Our platform logo is a Chinese elephant which represents loyalty, strength and reliability. This is an analogy to the values that we embody at AMZGAME. Being honest and trustworthy, we address all your problems quickly and give you the best solutions. Should your payments be rejected by one of our systems, we will return your money. The simplicity of our services and products means our site can be easily used by anyone.




Having been in the game industry for eight years we have chosen the best games that entertain our players. We have developed guides to help new players create characters on our browser games and training for battle. We also offer discounts when you want to buy resources to make your characters stronger in battle.


With our amazing customer service, it’s our business to make sure you have the best game experience. For this reason, we like to hear from you, should you have any questions as well as suggestions on how to improve your experience. Although we may have a few glitches, we strive for innovative ways and technologies that customize your experience on our site by delivering better services and products. Games are for entertainment and as such we endeavor to make our players enjoy our browser games globally. Visit us at www.amzgame.com.