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Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!

Taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all

As the kingdom's chief fencing master, taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all. Whenever possible, he will always be wrapped in body armor, no matter as his enemy or friend, you can see just a flash of his sharp eyes, just by holding the sword with both hands together, he will have to defend belief in the kingdom, in front of him, did not dare to underestimate an opponent determined armor lurking beneath.

Even the new version, the great swordsman is still afraid of the human person, let no one-third of a strong human shields. A qualified human shields usually have the value of life is high, strong defense, or with reducing injuries, obviously great swordsman very qualified immunity and reduce injury to put in front of the magic is the most obvious advantage, which increases the success of runes did not.

Jian Shen. Listen to know the name of God in general skills, a substantial increase in the upper limit of life, the value of existing life and attack, while access to magic immunity and reduce the effects of injuries sustained two rounds. This is the amount of information on the big skills, plus the maximum life and value of life plus restore some offensive power, and then set a magic immune, and finally there is a reduction in injuries, the big move with the skills of three, four skills, increase the upper limit of the life and block Value is simply a model of rough skin and flesh.

Sword wielding. Every time there is the probability of normal attack damage on the enemy front and there is a probability to stun enemies Annihilation although playing out of harm is not very high, but such a meat T, horizontal play also with control, real rare genus. And there is the property plus Rune attacks, together, damage is seen touched upon.

Perseverance. Tenacity gives strong vitality

Tianwei holy armor. Light has the blessing of battle armor that can block attacks and protect the owner.

Great Swordsman carry resistant properties, with the lamp plus mermaid, can form a dual milk flows through the trials necessary lineup; and high attack hero composed crit flow also a good choice, such as vigil, King Kong, magicians, demons hunter and more.


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All answers for angel quz

--I'm on a river cruise, visiting Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava. Which river am I gliding down? - Eine Flussreise führt mich vorbei an Wien, Budapest und Bratislava. Welchen Fluss bereise ich?

A. Danube - Donau

--I'm standing under the "Brandenburger Tor", and the smell of 'Apfel Strudel' fills the air! Where am I?

C. Germany

--If I decided to take a Caribbean cruise which one of these island nations would I NOT be able to visit?

A. Tahiti

--If I told you I was watching the Daytona 500 in person, in which American state would I be?

B. Florida

--If I visit Bondi Beach - one of the world's most beautiful - to which country would I be traveling?

C. Australia

--In New York City, on which street is the New York Stock Exchange?

A. Wall Street

--In what country is Lake Baikal located?

A. Russia

--In what country is the San Andreas Fault located?

A. The United States

--In which country is the source of the river Danube?

A. Germany

--In which Midwest state is Springfield, St. Joseph, Creve Coeur, and Cape Girardeau based?

Right answer is Missouri, Quiz counts it false <---- Quizz accepts - A. Misissippi as right answer.

--Kuala Lumpur located in what country?

D. Malaysia

--Madison is the state capital of which US state?

A. Wisconsin

--Stockholm is located along what sea?

A. Baltic Sea

--The capital of Colombia is


--The capital of India is?

New Dehli

--The country with the smallest area in the world is?

A. Vatican City

--The Himalayas are located on which continent?

A. Asia

--The Petronas Towers are located in what country?

B. Malaysia

--The Redwood National Park is located in which US state?

A. California

--The smallest ocean in the world?

Arctic Ocean

--To which Asian country am I traveling if I am going to visit the Forbidden City?

D. China

More Answers turn to League of Angels Official Forum - The answers for angel quz!

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Training System of League of Angels

In the training system, players can be upgraded through training bit goddess and hero, greatly reducing the time players goddess culture and heroes.

Two training training training and manual automatic hero points: Automatic training is the goddess or hero players will be placed on training position, hourly N can be refreshing experience, this training can be off-hook operation mode; manual training is a training position players will place the goddess or hero on the promotion of the goddess and the hero's rating by three experienced syrup, syrup when selecting the specified experience, click on the specific goddess or hero upgrade level of experience, you need to continuously upgrade Change avatar seconds.

The game will automatically open for players three free training position, players can be activated by a diamond bit more resources, open training position, upgrade training position, using the experience of drugs and other methods can accelerate the growth rate of the players heroes.

Let's look at the difference between the quality of training in several different bits:
* White training position - only 88 diamond consumption will be able to open a 900-bit white training experience ultra-high hourly earnings, the day could have 21,600 total experience.

* Green training bits - per hour to more than 180 bits of white training experience, 24 hours a day down the 4320 experience will be more, according to the mysterious businessman to buy 10 300 20 drill experienced intermediate syrup to count the words in one day is about equal to the province 29 drill syrup costs 6-7 days will be able to return to this, but also can save money and trials arena currency exchange takes experience syrup, the daily experience of 25,920 total.

* Blue training bit - bit blue training to more than the green bits per 360 training experience, the overall day to more than 8640 bit green training experience.

* Purple diamond training bits --688 consumption, compared to the blue training bits 540 per hour and more experience, the day to more than 12,960 bits of blue training experience, the total daily experience 47520.

* Orange training bits - compared to the training bit violet, orange training bit 720 experiences more per hour, more than 17,280 bits purple training experience every day, the total daily experience of 64,800.

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Some basic tips for League of Angels

1. Every day, you get 10 free upgrades on your angel. That's the equivalent of 10 angel tears. USE THEM!!!
2. Enhance your equipment whenever you can! If you are focused on attack, max out your weapon. If you are focused on defense, max out your armor. For your armor, you should enhance the helmet, mail, and greaves at the same rate to improve gold efficiency.
3. Buy items for your heroes and enhance them. You don't want them to be useless, do you?
4. Participate in events. They pay off a lot.
5. Do the loop quests. Use blitz. It makes it a lot faster.
6. Do zodiac everyday, but do not use blitz as you could get less rewards.
7. Go the arena's hall of fame and praise the person there. You get a lot of free stuff from it.
8. If you miss an event, you can spend gold to retrieve it. You will have to spend 10000 gold to do so, but most of the time you get more than 10k for your return.
9. Use the arena to gain prestige.
10. Lunaria is the best goddess right now, but Loralei is the best free Goddess.
11. If you can afford it, the $6.99 per month subscription is extremely worth it(AMZGame.com). You can cancel it whenever.
12. Gems. Use them. Also, for gems level 4 or higher, consider using a synth scroll.


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Be the Tycoon, win Raphael for your team!

Resource Tycoon (Cross Server)
Duration: Nov 19 to Nov 23 (Server time)
Server: S1-S7

Collect the required resources to win New male angel Raphael, Imperial Weapon Print, Imperial Helm Print, Lvl. 12 Cherubstone and many other rare items!

Be the Tycoon


- Click on the Tycoon icon on the left of the game window to open the Resource Tycoon menu.
- Players gain points by collecting required resources during the event, i.e. Gold, Angel Tears, Runestones, Blessed Stones, Seraph's Stones, Aegis Shards, Soulstones, Element Crystal, Enchant Stones, Gem Enhancement Stone and Gemology Points.
- Each day at 14:00 and 22:00 the point leaders will be determined and prizes will be set accordingly. Prizes include Aegis Shards, Synth Scroll, Soulstones, Blessed Stone, etc.
- The grand prize will be issued at the conclusion of the event.

For more event details please turn to League of Angels Official Website - Be the Tycoon, win Raphael for your team!
Homepage: AMZGAME.com

Official Forum: AMZGAME FORUM

Follow FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueOfAngels.amz

Will the 8th server of League of Angels be named by you

Sweet rewards for collecting promotion way.
Duration: Nov. 14th to the 8th server goes online
Promotion Object: League of angels & Amzgame.com


As you know, Amzgame.com is a new platform to publish new and good free browser games. We are young, passionate and professional, but we need the best way to promote our platform.

So we need your help! Just leave your recommendations by "post reply" on forum and FACEBOOK!



1.The next new server of league of angels will be named by you.
2. 500 Diamonds on new server S8 and the first recharge pack which worth 66.66$ simultaneously.


Your suggestion must be useful and valuable for us. We will choose the best one to get the rewards. The results will be announced by post on forum and FACEBOOK before the next new server goes online.


Homepage: AMZGAME.com

Official Forum: AMZGAME FORUM

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New Server S7-Pint Arrives 10AM EST Nov 11th

Get ready for a new challenge! Balam,the 7th server for League of Angels will open on Nov 11th 10:00 AM EST AMZGAME.com!

S7-Pint will observe Eastern Standard Time , and feature all your favorite Events and features including Team Dungeons, Team Arena, PvE Dungeons, Twilight Clash, Guardian Angel, Hero & Mount Upgrade, Raiders, Cross server war plus the brand new Angel Evolution and Hero Elemental Training! Get ready to join and save the world from the forces of evil!

For More Information please turn to League of Angels Forum

To Play the game please turn to League of Angels Official Website

Top free browser games 2015 - Ice Fire Land

Speaking of traditional fantasy real-time 3D action games, people will be reminded of famous Diablo and Torchlight series. Today, we are going to introduce a European fantasy and realistic style webgame——Ice Fire Land developed by geezclick and published by AMZGAME. It is based on FLASH11, no plugin required, no install required, the game uses 3D graphic engine design that is the same as client games and can be said to be a true non-client real 3D webgame.


Real 3D real-time ARPG webgame
In recently years, as the continued development of computer performance and the increasing required for sound and visual effects, it is a tread that all types of games developed in 3D. So does ARPG games. Comparing with other games, ARPGwebgame's3D is more direct and its system is easier to be controlled by players. In Ice Fire Land, thanks to its 3D engine, the game adopts real 3D angel of view and players can rotate the game in 360 degrees and zoom the game by using keys combination, drag the mouse or roll the mouse. In this way, they can view both the imperatorial castle and the gloomy valley, experiencing the world of Ice Fire Land wholeheartedly.


Smooth real combat actions
All games focus on the feeling of real combats, so does the action basedIce Fire Land. Character's attack movement and the backward status after being hit will provide players a feeling of engaging in real combats. During a battle, player's attack will be judged as hit or not, attacking monsters of different sizes will also create different effects. When a Crit appears, monsters will be kicked to the sky and cause a strong screen quake. Meanwhile, combo transformation system is also introduced in Ice Fire Land. As the name suggests, players can accumulate combo points through normal attacks to create gorgeous combo effects, using combo points to release the ultimate skill. When combo points reaches a certain level, players will turn into the ultimate war god, obtain tons of EXP and deals massive damage.


European Fantasy Realistic Style
Regarding the scenes and systems of Ice Fire Land, it full represent the western realistic art style and Tolkien's literature spirit. The buildings, nature scenario are similar to the style of European Middle Ages, and buildings are drawn in details in order to let players feel like battling in the ancient cold arms age. The game systems of Ice Fire Land is in accordance with Tolkien's spirit, the effects of magical skills are more realistic, bringing players a brand new fantasy experience.


Epic Background Settings
The development cycle of webgames is relatively short, so some of the games are short of complete background settings and profound cultural connotation, making it hard for players to resonate with the game. The background settings of Ice Fire Land is based on A Song of Fire and Ice, which is as famous as The Lord of Rings and Harry Popper and described a series of stories happened on a virtual medieval land. The battles among royal families, brutal wars among nations, great adventures and magics all constitute the epic story of Ice Fire Land!


Lastly, as the decline of traditional 2D webgames, there are more 2.8D, 2.9D games. However, we believe that as technology develops, players will pursue high quality real 3D webgames even when vulgar speculation and pornographic ads still exist in the market. As a real 3D real-time ARPG webgame, we are excited to see what gaming experience can Ice Fire Land bring!

Web Browser Games from Amzgame

With the development of the world wide web, there are very many sophisticated browsers to match. AMZGAME has created browser games that use the web browser. Our web browser games do not require special consoles. They are computer games played over the internet using a browser. Our browser games are supported by all the major browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari


The games in AMZGAME are all from various video game genres including action games and fighting games. Being portable, AMZGAME can be played on many devices, operating systems and web browsers. Our games are League of angels with Knight’s fable and Ice Fire Land being launched in October 2014. They are free massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). All you need to play is a computer, the internet, a web browser and a credit card. These role playing video games allow you to assume a character and interact with multiple players in the virtual world.


League of angels (LoA) is a role playing game based on legendary mythology. As the name suggests the avatars are powerful angels who accompany you to battle. There are several angels such as Lorelai, Marina and Lunaria just to mention a few. Once you have signed up for an Amzgame account, you can play and then create your character after completing the first mission. An account also gives you access to all games on GTArcade.com. Character progression is ensured when characters participate in games and complete quests that earn you gold. VIPs level gives you access to 500000 gold. Logging daily and spending diamonds increase your VIP level. Training upgrades your hero's statistics and makes them stronger. To find out about the current promotions on game resources, visit our website-AMZGAME.com


Platform logo and policy


Our platform logo is a Chinese elephant which represents loyalty, strength and reliability. This is an analogy to the values that we embody at AMZGAME. Being honest and trustworthy, we address all your problems quickly and give you the best solutions. Should your payments be rejected by one of our systems, we will return your money. The simplicity of our services and products means our site can be easily used by anyone.




Having been in the game industry for eight years we have chosen the best games that entertain our players. We have developed guides to help new players create characters on our browser games and training for battle. We also offer discounts when you want to buy resources to make your characters stronger in battle.


With our amazing customer service, it’s our business to make sure you have the best game experience. For this reason, we like to hear from you, should you have any questions as well as suggestions on how to improve your experience. Although we may have a few glitches, we strive for innovative ways and technologies that customize your experience on our site by delivering better services and products. Games are for entertainment and as such we endeavor to make our players enjoy our browser games globally. Visit us at www.amzgame.com.

Play free LOA online at AmZgame

Get ready for a challenge! KingShip, the First server for League of Angels on AMZGame will open on July 21Th 10:00 AM CST!

KingShip will observe Centre Daylight Time (GMT-6), and feature all your favorite Events and features including:

Team Dungeons;

Team Arena;

PvE Dungeons;

Twilight Clash;

Guardian Angel;

Hero & Mount Upgrade;


Cross server war plus the brand new Angel Evolution;

Hero Elemental Training!


Play free LOA online at AmZgame. Get ready to join and save the world from the forces of evil!

How to make your League of Angels much stronger

How to make your League of Angels much stronger? scouring equipment is certainly indispensable, many of my friends to feel very refined consumption of materials and equipment, I personally think that it is indeed very consumable materials, but we understand the skills, so as to better save our raw materials, we all know that when refined, the value will be a blessing, and now tell you about. League of Angels scouring equipment worth a lot of people think that luck, good luck and that is not to say, but not all of them luck, we all know, scouring blessing higher the value, the probability of success on the big stage up next, but there are a few concise, bless low value when successful, so that's skill. Scouring different parts of the equipment, materials need to consume is not the same, so we have to be ready all the different parts of the equipment refined materials, and these materials can be redeemed through the store. Then converted these materials are good, but also to save enough a certain amount before you can probably save each material to 300 or so, and then refining equipment when start weapons began, not to indulge in a stiff brush, first practice the next 5, no success is replaced by a piece of equipment, and then training, or practicing five times, if not successful then replaced a piece of equipment, so that the wheel, the wheel almost four times around the turn of a piece of equipment can be refined on the success of five times, if successful bands or the day do not to practice the next day to go to practice, no other equipment can continue to refine the successful according to this method, we must remember, is not successful, the value of the day's blessings will be cleared after today, but according to this method, up about four successful bands will earn.

The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here

The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here after rough statistics, League of Angles 10 high-level pumping soul, soul probably get 80 orange, orange with a 400-basis, takes about 1500 diamonds and 6,000,000 silver. If you're ready these next election will say that the problem, if you are anti-war, it is recommended to choose a hero back, TDP group attack against each other have a good effect; watchman is the most powerful single attack; Empire Shu Wei blow to the back of the can with the little witch or a Ranger on the other side of crispy be devastated; If you are mad war, it is recommended that the souls of the soldiers, and then the imperial garrison, the souls of human shields is the most powerful, can own recovery. Of course you want to hire a good hero to play a big role in nurture, cultivate grade if not, probably not as good as others in the field of purple will be powerful. Next, talk about how to upgrade to the next goddess believed to 50 or so, everyone should have close to 40 goddess, the goddess of youth and strong mid front accompanied by the emergence of new goddess has gradually weakened. So what should be our next target it to the current version, it should be said is undoubtedly the goddess of war is the only option, because she attributes the growth of high-skill with stun skills, but to get her request can not casually achieve, grade requirements 50, the goddess of the holy war (200 badges for the arena), and the most difficult to reach Viscount 2, need 250,000 reputation. If you want to be able to have arrived 50 goddess of war, then the pre-need Arena previous three, prestige can also be obtained by plundering expeditions. And then talk about improving the properties of the protagonist, this time I believe everyone should have a set of 40 main characters suit, then we should be protagonists for their generous, strengthening to the top, marked with your most powerful gems, horses continue to enhance the culture here that under the most critical issue is to upgrade skills of horses, many people do not know much about horses skills per level, how much blessing stone, by my rough statistics, 1 l 2 needs more than 50, 2 l 3 need more than 150 blessings stone, novices do not want unnecessary loss of dozens blessing stone on upgrading skills.