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Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!
November 2014
text: Taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all
As the kingdom's chief fencing master, taciturn great swordsman Rong Yaosheng importance to all. Whenever possible, he will a...
November 2014
text: All answers for angel quz
--I'm on a river cruise, visiting Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava. Which river am I gliding down? - Eine Flussreise f├╝hrt mi...
November 2014
text: Training System of League of Angels
In the training system, players can be upgraded through training bit goddess and hero, greatly reducing the time players godd...
November 2014
text: Some basic tips for League of Angels
1. Every day, you get 10 free upgrades on your angel. That's the equivalent of 10 angel tears. USE THEM!!!2. Enhance your equ...
November 2014
text: Be the Tycoon, win Raphael for your team!
Resource Tycoon (Cross Server)Duration: Nov 19 to Nov 23 (Server time)Server: S1-S7Collect the required resources to win New ...
November 2014
text: Will the 8th server of League of Angels be named by you
Sweet rewards for collecting promotion way.Duration: Nov. 14th to the 8th server goes onlinePromotion Object: League of angel...
November 2014
text: New Server S7-Pint Arrives 10AM EST Nov 11th
Get ready for a new challenge! Balam,the 7th server for League of Angels will open on Nov 11th 10:00 AM EST AMZGAME.com!S7-Pi...
November 2014
text: Top free browser games 2015 - Ice Fire Land
Speaking of traditional fantasy real-time 3D action games, people will be reminded of famous Diablo and Torchlight series. To...
October 2014
text: Web Browser Games from Amzgame
With the development of the world wide web, there are very many sophisticated browsers to match. AMZGAME has created browser ...
July 2014
text: Play free LOA online at AmZgame
Get ready for a challenge! KingShip, the First server for League of Angels on AMZGame will open on July 21Th 10:00 AM CST! Ki...
July 2014
text: How to make your League of Angels much stronger
How to make your League of Angels much stronger? scouring equipment is certainly indispensable, many of my friends to feel ve...
July 2014
text: The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here
The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here after rough statistics, League of Angles 10 high-level pumping soul...