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Top free browser games 2015 - Ice Fire Land

Speaking of traditional fantasy real-time 3D action games, people will be reminded of famous Diablo and Torchlight series. Today, we are going to introduce a European fantasy and realistic style webgame——Ice Fire Land developed by geezclick and published by AMZGAME. It is based on FLASH11, no plugin required, no install required, the game uses 3D graphic engine design that is the same as client games and can be said to be a true non-client real 3D webgame.


Real 3D real-time ARPG webgame
In recently years, as the continued development of computer performance and the increasing required for sound and visual effects, it is a tread that all types of games developed in 3D. So does ARPG games. Comparing with other games, ARPGwebgame's3D is more direct and its system is easier to be controlled by players. In Ice Fire Land, thanks to its 3D engine, the game adopts real 3D angel of view and players can rotate the game in 360 degrees and zoom the game by using keys combination, drag the mouse or roll the mouse. In this way, they can view both the imperatorial castle and the gloomy valley, experiencing the world of Ice Fire Land wholeheartedly.


Smooth real combat actions
All games focus on the feeling of real combats, so does the action basedIce Fire Land. Character's attack movement and the backward status after being hit will provide players a feeling of engaging in real combats. During a battle, player's attack will be judged as hit or not, attacking monsters of different sizes will also create different effects. When a Crit appears, monsters will be kicked to the sky and cause a strong screen quake. Meanwhile, combo transformation system is also introduced in Ice Fire Land. As the name suggests, players can accumulate combo points through normal attacks to create gorgeous combo effects, using combo points to release the ultimate skill. When combo points reaches a certain level, players will turn into the ultimate war god, obtain tons of EXP and deals massive damage.


European Fantasy Realistic Style
Regarding the scenes and systems of Ice Fire Land, it full represent the western realistic art style and Tolkien's literature spirit. The buildings, nature scenario are similar to the style of European Middle Ages, and buildings are drawn in details in order to let players feel like battling in the ancient cold arms age. The game systems of Ice Fire Land is in accordance with Tolkien's spirit, the effects of magical skills are more realistic, bringing players a brand new fantasy experience.


Epic Background Settings
The development cycle of webgames is relatively short, so some of the games are short of complete background settings and profound cultural connotation, making it hard for players to resonate with the game. The background settings of Ice Fire Land is based on A Song of Fire and Ice, which is as famous as The Lord of Rings and Harry Popper and described a series of stories happened on a virtual medieval land. The battles among royal families, brutal wars among nations, great adventures and magics all constitute the epic story of Ice Fire Land!


Lastly, as the decline of traditional 2D webgames, there are more 2.8D, 2.9D games. However, we believe that as technology develops, players will pursue high quality real 3D webgames even when vulgar speculation and pornographic ads still exist in the market. As a real 3D real-time ARPG webgame, we are excited to see what gaming experience can Ice Fire Land bring!