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League of Angles Free

Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!

Will the 8th server of League of Angels be named by you

Sweet rewards for collecting promotion way.
Duration: Nov. 14th to the 8th server goes online
Promotion Object: League of angels & Amzgame.com


As you know, Amzgame.com is a new platform to publish new and good free browser games. We are young, passionate and professional, but we need the best way to promote our platform.

So we need your help! Just leave your recommendations by "post reply" on forum and FACEBOOK!



1.The next new server of league of angels will be named by you.
2. 500 Diamonds on new server S8 and the first recharge pack which worth 66.66$ simultaneously.


Your suggestion must be useful and valuable for us. We will choose the best one to get the rewards. The results will be announced by post on forum and FACEBOOK before the next new server goes online.


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