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League of Angles Free

Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!

Some basic tips for League of Angels

1. Every day, you get 10 free upgrades on your angel. That's the equivalent of 10 angel tears. USE THEM!!!
2. Enhance your equipment whenever you can! If you are focused on attack, max out your weapon. If you are focused on defense, max out your armor. For your armor, you should enhance the helmet, mail, and greaves at the same rate to improve gold efficiency.
3. Buy items for your heroes and enhance them. You don't want them to be useless, do you?
4. Participate in events. They pay off a lot.
5. Do the loop quests. Use blitz. It makes it a lot faster.
6. Do zodiac everyday, but do not use blitz as you could get less rewards.
7. Go the arena's hall of fame and praise the person there. You get a lot of free stuff from it.
8. If you miss an event, you can spend gold to retrieve it. You will have to spend 10000 gold to do so, but most of the time you get more than 10k for your return.
9. Use the arena to gain prestige.
10. Lunaria is the best goddess right now, but Loralei is the best free Goddess.
11. If you can afford it, the $6.99 per month subscription is extremely worth it(AMZGame.com). You can cancel it whenever.
12. Gems. Use them. Also, for gems level 4 or higher, consider using a synth scroll.


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