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Battle the Evil with Your Angels! We offer latest game info of League of Angles. Battle the forces of evil with angels by your side Click here to play free League of Angels at AMZGAME.com!

Training System of League of Angels

In the training system, players can be upgraded through training bit goddess and hero, greatly reducing the time players goddess culture and heroes.

Two training training training and manual automatic hero points: Automatic training is the goddess or hero players will be placed on training position, hourly N can be refreshing experience, this training can be off-hook operation mode; manual training is a training position players will place the goddess or hero on the promotion of the goddess and the hero's rating by three experienced syrup, syrup when selecting the specified experience, click on the specific goddess or hero upgrade level of experience, you need to continuously upgrade Change avatar seconds.

The game will automatically open for players three free training position, players can be activated by a diamond bit more resources, open training position, upgrade training position, using the experience of drugs and other methods can accelerate the growth rate of the players heroes.

Let's look at the difference between the quality of training in several different bits:
* White training position - only 88 diamond consumption will be able to open a 900-bit white training experience ultra-high hourly earnings, the day could have 21,600 total experience.

* Green training bits - per hour to more than 180 bits of white training experience, 24 hours a day down the 4320 experience will be more, according to the mysterious businessman to buy 10 300 20 drill experienced intermediate syrup to count the words in one day is about equal to the province 29 drill syrup costs 6-7 days will be able to return to this, but also can save money and trials arena currency exchange takes experience syrup, the daily experience of 25,920 total.

* Blue training bit - bit blue training to more than the green bits per 360 training experience, the overall day to more than 8640 bit green training experience.

* Purple diamond training bits --688 consumption, compared to the blue training bits 540 per hour and more experience, the day to more than 12,960 bits of blue training experience, the total daily experience 47520.

* Orange training bits - compared to the training bit violet, orange training bit 720 experiences more per hour, more than 17,280 bits purple training experience every day, the total daily experience of 64,800.

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