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The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here

The first is League of Angles recruiting orange hero here after rough statistics, League of Angles 10 high-level pumping soul, soul probably get 80 orange, orange with a 400-basis, takes about 1500 diamonds and 6,000,000 silver. If you're ready these next election will say that the problem, if you are anti-war, it is recommended to choose a hero back, TDP group attack against each other have a good effect; watchman is the most powerful single attack; Empire Shu Wei blow to the back of the can with the little witch or a Ranger on the other side of crispy be devastated; If you are mad war, it is recommended that the souls of the soldiers, and then the imperial garrison, the souls of human shields is the most powerful, can own recovery. Of course you want to hire a good hero to play a big role in nurture, cultivate grade if not, probably not as good as others in the field of purple will be powerful. Next, talk about how to upgrade to the next goddess believed to 50 or so, everyone should have close to 40 goddess, the goddess of youth and strong mid front accompanied by the emergence of new goddess has gradually weakened. So what should be our next target it to the current version, it should be said is undoubtedly the goddess of war is the only option, because she attributes the growth of high-skill with stun skills, but to get her request can not casually achieve, grade requirements 50, the goddess of the holy war (200 badges for the arena), and the most difficult to reach Viscount 2, need 250,000 reputation. If you want to be able to have arrived 50 goddess of war, then the pre-need Arena previous three, prestige can also be obtained by plundering expeditions. And then talk about improving the properties of the protagonist, this time I believe everyone should have a set of 40 main characters suit, then we should be protagonists for their generous, strengthening to the top, marked with your most powerful gems, horses continue to enhance the culture here that under the most critical issue is to upgrade skills of horses, many people do not know much about horses skills per level, how much blessing stone, by my rough statistics, 1 l 2 needs more than 50, 2 l 3 need more than 150 blessings stone, novices do not want unnecessary loss of dozens blessing stone on upgrading skills.