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How to make your League of Angels much stronger

How to make your League of Angels much stronger? scouring equipment is certainly indispensable, many of my friends to feel very refined consumption of materials and equipment, I personally think that it is indeed very consumable materials, but we understand the skills, so as to better save our raw materials, we all know that when refined, the value will be a blessing, and now tell you about. League of Angels scouring equipment worth a lot of people think that luck, good luck and that is not to say, but not all of them luck, we all know, scouring blessing higher the value, the probability of success on the big stage up next, but there are a few concise, bless low value when successful, so that's skill. Scouring different parts of the equipment, materials need to consume is not the same, so we have to be ready all the different parts of the equipment refined materials, and these materials can be redeemed through the store. Then converted these materials are good, but also to save enough a certain amount before you can probably save each material to 300 or so, and then refining equipment when start weapons began, not to indulge in a stiff brush, first practice the next 5, no success is replaced by a piece of equipment, and then training, or practicing five times, if not successful then replaced a piece of equipment, so that the wheel, the wheel almost four times around the turn of a piece of equipment can be refined on the success of five times, if successful bands or the day do not to practice the next day to go to practice, no other equipment can continue to refine the successful according to this method, we must remember, is not successful, the value of the day's blessings will be cleared after today, but according to this method, up about four successful bands will earn.